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Spezio Photo Crimson and Christine Star: Self-Portraits, 0 Feet

Everybody takes a picture of themself sooner or later, but most photographers are too devious to settle for a normal portrait. Instead, we try for an unusual angle, reflection or whatever that lets people know that we are loaded with creative talents.

In this double-self-portrait, my wife, myself, and all of our creative talents are loaded into my Spezio as we prepare to take off into the Wild Blue, Yonder.

Just in case you really want to know, the Spezio Tuholer is a homebuilt aircraft that was designed many years ago by a guy named Tony Spezio. You could buy the plans from him, and build it in your garage. It even had folding wings, so you could tow it behind your car, although this was not legal in Canada.

The fellow who built this example found that he was too tall for it. Once he managed to get in, his legs took up too much room and he couldn't move the control stick to the extreme positions required for aerobatics without banging into his knee. His loss was my gain.

Spezio Photo

Spezio Photo Crimson Star: Self-Portrait, 10,000 Feet

Look! Up in the sky - it's a bird, it's a plane... it's a bird-brain in a plane!

Not to worry, it's just me sporting the latest in Darth Vader/Borg flying gear.

"It's getting dark kinda fast, Crimson. Are you sure you can find your way back to the airpark?"

Good question...

Spezio Photo

Spezio Photo Here I am waving to all you folks, back in 1975. True, you weren't there, but I knew you would show up sooner or later.

Boy, do I wish I still had that much youthful enthusiasm. Boy, do I wish I still had that much hair. Boy, do I wish I had undone the tiedowns before this photo was taken!


Just for the record, I sold my Tuholer many years ago after owning it for about ten years. Please note that I do not have any plans or specifications and cannot help you get your bird flying! I would be happy to put you in touch with other owners who may be able to help you.

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